Proofreading Sentences For Subject-Verb Agreement

Proofreading Sentences For Subject-Verb Agreement

Be careful when correcting in search of “however” surrounded by commas. If the clauses of both parties can stand for themselves as sentences, easily repair the comma by replacing the first comma with a semicolon. If one of the clauses is before or after a secondary clause and the other is a main clause, then you are safe (as in this sentence). For more information on comma peaks, see the following resources: Walden University. (2016, April 2). Grammar: Run-on-sets and fragments of sentences. Writing center. Excerpts from When we write formally, these fragmentary sentences are however variations on the error of leaving incomplete sentences. The simple solution is always to group them together with a good sentence or to make a sentence out of them by adding coins.

Passive verbs always contain a form of verb to be as on, was, is to be, and so on. To search for the active or passive voice, look for phrases that contain a form of that verb and see if in those sentences the object of the sentence performs the action of the verb. 6 Douglas College Learning Centre SUBJECT/VERB AGREEMENT ANSWER KEY Exercise 1: Correction of verb agreement errors – sentences 1. Sara and Desmond organize the food. 2. Many of my classmates come early to decorate the party room. 3. The party starts at 8 a.m.: each of us brings a small gift that costs less than $10 for another person. 5.

Mike, like many other students, tried to buy the best gift. 6. Mike doesn`t want anything serious; He likes to make people laugh. 7. Unfortunately, all fun things are too expensive. 8. Then Min makes a cake, and Maria buys some special tokens. Exercise 2: Correction of subject-verbal chord errors – sentences 1. Calcium, one of the most common elements in the world, is important for the cultivation of bones and teeth. 2.

Every animal needs calcium for its health. 3. Calcium is also used for many other uses. 4. Already in Egyptian times, historians tell us about the use of calcium as a building material. 5. In nature, this important element is still found as an association such as calcium carbonate and calcium fluoride. 6. Lack of calcium can be a serious problem. 6 “Run-on” is a good description for phrases like this, because they seem to be able to continue simply forever as a toddler who applies clause clause with coordination conjunctions (… And…

And… and …). Although the above sentence is perfectly correct if the commas “and” and “so,” the addition of other clauses would only exhaust the reader`s patience, commas or commas. A run-on is therefore not necessarily the same as a long sentence, as you can see in the 239-word sentence perfectly correct in Algonquin College`s “Guide to Grammar and Writing” page on Run-ons (Darling, 2014). However, such a long sentence can be confusing, especially for viewers who are struggling with English such as ESL learners. 3 Exercise 3: Correction of subject-verbal contract errors – circle of paragraphs themes and emphasize verbs. Make an arrow of the verb about it. If the sentence has a subject-verb chord error, enter the wrong verb and write the correct verb form about it. The Columbia Icefield The Rocky Mountains, located on the border of the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, has many attractions for tourists. The Columbia Icefield is an attraction. This huge old ice field covers 125 square kilometres. The Athabasca, Stutfield and Dome glaciers form the ice field.

When the ice melts, the water flows into four large drainage systems. These systems are the Columbia, Fraser, Mackenzie and Saskatchewan systems. Meltwater flows these rivers into three different oceans, the Pacific, the Arctic and the Atlantic. This peak in a continent`s water system is called the hydrological peak, and the Columbia Icefield is one of the two peaks in the world. Tourists visit the ice field every year from April to October.

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